Joint Mobilisation

Joint mobilisation is a manual therapy technique that uses skilled passive movement of the joints, applied as a series of gentle stretches in a smooth rhythmic fashion. Joint mobilisation aims to decrease pain and increase joint mobility.


Joint mobilisation can help with joint pain and stiffens by helping you regain normal pain free range of motion in your joints. All Mobilisation techniques are performed within the individual client’s pain threshold.

Joint mobilisations are performed within the physiologic range of a joint, they can be applied in varying grades.


When joints become painful and tight from misuse or overuse, joint mobilisation can help to restore the joints to optimum performance.

The joint may be moved in certain directions at varying speeds with the goal of regaining optimal movement in it.

Joint mobilisation can increase space within a join capsule, loosen tight muscles and ligaments and greatly improve mobility within a joint.

joint mobilsation
joint mobilsation