Massage by Tasha fully recommended was so relaxing felt like you’re on a cloud once finished. She really does release all those tight muscles with her Myotherapy sessions 10/10.

Dave Endres

Dave Endres

Fantastic! Best remedial massage sessions. Perfect for pain management. Highly recommend. Big thank you Tasha.

Kimmaree O’Halloran

Kimmaree O’Halloran

Tasha is Amazing! I hobble in and float out every time. I can comfortably say treat yourself you won’t regret it.



Chris Koh

Early 2018 I was diagnosed with Ross River Fever as well as having ongoing back and neck problems. I had been seeing a chiropractor for these problems and she recommended Tasha. I have been seeing Tasha regularly ever since and have found Tasha to be very friendly, helpful and caring. The massage with cupping and needling relieves the pain and stiffness in my back and neck.

My father is also now having massage treatments with Tasha due to his ongoing shoulder issues.



Lucy Wright

Tasha has been a godsend for us with my mum, who is 92 and various medial condition, one of which is heart failure which makes your legs swell with fluid.
The Drs gave her tabs for fluid but still legs were swelling, we heard about lymphatic drainage massage. For the last 9 mths Tasha has been working on my mums legs every second week.
What a difference no swelling and she is able to stay mobile and keep doing “her jobs”
Can not thank Tasha enough beautiful lady with magic hands
Thank you so much x



Gail Clark

Tasha is professional, kind and easy to talk to. I have had problems with tightness in my neck and shoulders most of my life and after my first appointment with Tasha, they felt amazing. She used massage, cupping and dry needling and I’ve been going back to see her since!



Teniel Pefeffer